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NYC Fitness Experts - Personal Trainers

Located in the heart of Manhattan, NYC Fitness Experts personal trainers have years of experience in improving the health, fitness, education and overall quality of life of people just like you.

Whether you are an aspiring fitness novice or a competitive athlete, we will design a customized fitness and nutrition program to assist you in reaching and exceeding your goals. The NYC Fitness Experts approach is to implement a program that is dynamic, diverse, challenging, educational, goal based, but most of all fun and exciting. Our Mission: To motivate, challenge, build confidence, instruct, educate, and provide the highest quality of personal training and nutritional services in New York City that will get you results! Our commitment to each client is unsurpassed during and after each training session in order to guarantee individual success and enjoyment in working with us. You will succeed by committing to a program and working with some of the best personal trainers in New York City.

So whether you are looking to improve your overall body tone, cardiovascular strength and endurance, sports specific fitness, weight loss, or help with a healthy pregnancy, we are the trainers for you.

NYC Fitness Experts trainers utilize a myriad of effective training modalities to achieve their unmatched results. Our diverse workouts will introduce you to a vast array of training tools and techniques including barbells, dumbbells, kettle bells, bodyweight training, yoga, rope undulation, high intensity interval training, metabolic conditioning, weightlifting, bodybuilding, ring and suspension training, strength and power development, balance, stability, flexibility, mobility, plyo’metrics, calisthenics and much, much more.

To ensure your new fitness program is implemented as easy and convenient as possible, we offer a wide range of training options to best suit your needs. Whether you are located on the upper west side, upper east side, midtown, downtown, outdoor, in-home training, office building, Hampton’s, or want to train at an exclusive trainer-only gym located in Midtown we can provide everything you need to get you the health, fitness and physique you deserve.

We are always available to assist you in any way, so please feel free to email us at Ask the Trainer.
We look forward to working with you!
Programs in Action

Success Stories

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All I can say is body by Derek really works!  I reached my goal of becoming leaner and more muscular in only 12 weeks.  Determination, hard work, sticking to the diet, and abiding by the mindset of an excelling athlete was the formula that wor...

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my wife took a picture of me while on vacation.  I felt fat, wimpy and felt I was gliding towards a heart attack. Other trainers couldn't do it. They did fancy 'tricks' that didn't work. After I found Derek, things changed for me mentally as w...

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